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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
A cell phone is existing tech that you can buy at a corner store though, so it is not quite a magical item (all but the lowest price magical items, 250- magical points, represent months or years of person-days of work). In a TL3 setting, its price might increase 32x, but without a cellular network, a cellular carrier, and an electricity source it is just a useless lump of plastic when its charge runs out (and mostly useless while it has a charge).
He did say it was setting dependent. I could just as easily imagine an urban fantasy setting where you can get a wand of fireballs at a sporting goods store, right next to a hunting rifle. It's still the same issue - the dollar cost of something does not necessarily correspond to the point cost, and while it may be doable to stat up gear as a gadget, it is not as simple.
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