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Default Re: Magical Gadgets versus Magical Gear

I like magical gear for things that can be used by anyone and performance doesn't change by changing hands. For example, if there's a magical cape that allows the wearer to fly at X yd/s, that's a gear. If you built it as gadget, velocity will be proportional with the wearer's Basic Speed.
Similarly, I prefer weapons to be gear rather than gadgets because: 1) It's easier. Giving AD(2) to a melee innate attack requires the awkward Modifying ST-Based Attacks and the balance of Natural Weapons is debatable. Making innate attacks with similar damage as a modern firearm is very costly. 2) If you find a better weapon, dropping a gadget will waste precious CPs while you can sell an old gear or give to another player.

Magical gadgets are for more personal things that has no gear counterpart. For example, if the character has a belt that allows him to transform into a stronger version of themselves, then I'd built that as Alternate Form with Gadget as such thing is not sold on stores and is part of the character's shtick.
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