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Default Re: Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

(before the voice rang out did she notice anything about the display's 6 buttons or dial like any familiar symbols on them indicating any kind of purpose?)

Startled, she spins around looking toward the light at the ceiling in the center of the room, instinctively leaning back against the wall and dropping further into a crouch, using one arm to shield her eyes from the bright light and the other to cover her chest again.

(I notice I keep slipping into 1st person instead of 3rd and keep correcting that, hopefully won't spoil the tone/flow if that keeps happening and I miss it)

Hesitantly speaking in a low scared voice she replies "y...yes, I can hear you"

(Can she tell anything about the voice via the tone, like if it sounds masculine/femininst, calm/frantic, angry/caring?)
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