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Default Lost in Dreams (Jane Doe)

She knew not what came before. Not who she was, nor why she did it. All she remembered was the dream. She dreamed of a grand spaceship. It felt odd and foreign to her, though she didn't know why. The ship was long and thin, with fatter base and a large but thin rimmed wheel running around the fat base, supported by 4 long spokes. Below the ship, a glittering jewel of a planet gleamed. Not earth. What was earth? She couldn't remember. She also had a faint inkling that she spaceships belonged only in dreams. The planet below was blue and green and white, a nice place to live. maybe. Her dream moved to the planet's surface: a lush spot, full of vegetation. And yet it was kept in some way. That, over there, was a wall of plants built intentionally. She wasn't sure why, be she knew it was. and these plants in the center, where also intentional.

She woke up on a cold floor. plastic? linoleum? it was some sort of ultra-hard plastic, almost without seems. Or was it ceramic? Opening her eyes, she was in a small room. More plastic-ceramic stuff formed the walls. As she moved, a light recessed into the corners of the ceiling grew in brightness. the room was more of a hall, not quite 4 feet across, maybe less, and only about 7 feet long. Wide Panels were on the long sides of the walls, 6 feet by 3 feet, almost unadorned. One end of the hall had a panel the size of a door in it, made of the same black substance as everything else, and lacking . On other side was a smaller panel, perhaps the size of a refrigerator door. The sole raised surface in the room was next to the door shaped panel, with a handle on what looks like an elevator manual control box.

And she was naked. She had no idea where this is, but she does know she has no business being here.
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