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Default Re: Things worth having in a Cyberpunk Campaign

Originally Posted by Tymathee View Post
An easy approach to Cyberpunk would to set it in a alternative timeline 80's, and give it today's smart tech (plus whatever weird science tech you'd be inclined to imagine). Takes a bit of the mystique from it but at the same time you know have a convincingly Cyberpunk setting, it practically writes itself.
This apoproach not only explains the electronics but the guns, the cars and many other things.

The early 90s might be the time. For example there was a brief flurry of interest around then in a microwave technology that produced thin diamond films and Shadowrun started "Dikoting" everything.

The debunking of "rna carries memories" thing hadn't properly spread itself yet either.

You might even see germanium arsenide semiconductors in bleeding edge 'ware.

Yes, Cyberpunk is a Retrotech genre. :)
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