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Default Re: Things worth having in a Cyberpunk Campaign

Cyberpunk is a cool genre. When I think of Cyberpunk, I think of "dystopian futuristic film noir". Blade Runner comes to mind. What sort of tech exists within the setting is always a interesting subject and one that's always of interest as evident in this thread.

Today's contemporary tech would've been thought to be the stuff of science fiction once. The 80's aesthetic (what might be remembered of it, not necessarily what was (so the rosy memories of those who lived for those times, and the youth of today who're nostalgic for a time they were not alive for) also seems to be a part of that. Wet, dirty cityscapes with lots of neon lights. Vaporwave might be music to set the mood.

An easy approach to Cyberpunk would to set it in a alternative timeline 80's, and give it today's smart tech (plus whatever weird science tech you'd be inclined to imagine). Takes a bit of the mystique from it but at the same time you know have a convincingly Cyberpunk setting, it practically writes itself.
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