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Default Re: Things worth having in a Cyberpunk Campaign

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Pokecons sound like the kind of technology that is ripe for subversion. It wouldn't need to be overtly antisocial, either - just self-interested actors finding a way to hack a particular pokecon software to nudge people in a way that benefits the hacker. So you'd have an arms race, as usual, between different agents. Maybe a common trick is to have three different pokecons and go with a majority vote on most nudges...
Doesn’t even have to be subtle - I imagine authoritarian fascists will line up to get the newest pocket conscience that guides them towards being more violently authoritarian, fascist, and all the other -ists and -isms that go along with it.

Originally Posted by Apollonian View Post
It reminds me of a thing I once heard: "Science fiction is about how technology will solve humanity's problems. Cyberpunk is about how it won't."
That is a wonderful quote.
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