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Default Re: A flurry of questions about martial artists

Originally Posted by Balor Patch View Post
The first point in Mental Strength leverages Chi Talent for a potentially large increase in Will resistance. Beyond that it's better to buy Mind Shield and, in my opinion, better still to buy Will.
Ah, that's a great point: a purchase of 1, 2 or 4 points gets some level of Mental Strength plus a big bonus from Chi Talent. That definitely makes it a valid option vs Mind Shield!...

...up to 4 points of purchase, anyway. Beyond that, it seems to me that Mind Shield becomes the clearly superior purchase again.

Well, if I ever feel some need to remedy that, I suppose I can try to think of additional benefits for Mental Strength. Maybe the MA could, say, ward off "psychic scream" damage from a horrid skull or psychic wailer fungus with a roll vs Mental Strength (possibly at a penalty to keep it challenging). And/or rule that Mental Strength resists monsters' Terror while Mind Shield doesn't. (I don't know what the official rule is on that.) I'll think of something if the situation comes up.

Anyway, thanks for the good point about Chi Talent.
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