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Originally Posted by Flyndaran View Post
[Regarding the SQUIRPS campaign idea]

That's pure SCP territory, both squirrel and intelligent fungus. The fungus could easily be a form of SCP 610.
Thank you - a main thematic inspiration was the 1998 video game Thief: The Dark Project (also Thief Gold, the extended version). It features a similar tonal shift from "outer rim smuggler" subsistence thievery, to full-on Lovecraftian existential-level threat.

(I did a brief prequel adventure with my spouse for a cutesy forest critter SQUIRPS adventure featuring Biri the Squirrel. In that adventure, she saved the forest from the flatulent threat of a decomposing hill giant's half-submerged corpse. It was awesome.)

Originally Posted by ericthered View Post
Keepers of the Troll Brigade.

Nothing fights quite like a monster. The PC's are the humans in charge of collecting, training, caring for, and keeping from mischief a military unit composed of brute beasts in the shape of men.
This idea could lead to plenty of fun with "mismatched couple" style character interactions. The Witcher 3 videogame has a few instances of rock trolls serving in human armies, including one who's apparently left behind in the camp because it's not able to understand tactics, but is able to protect a designated site with extreme ferocity just fine.

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