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Randall Valford obviously wants to try and get in Chonuzi's good graces, as if he is gunning for a better position, and there is any way he can help, it might get him a leg up on being informed about events that may be coming.

Valford approaches Vorno when he sees an opportunity to speak with him. Extending his hand , he maintains direct eye contact as he speaks:

"Sir. You must be Vorono Chonuzi. The name is Randall Valford, but you can call me Val. Everyone else does. I've been assigned as an engineer, and seeing as I have heard you have been around here for a bit, I was hoping you might be able to show me around a little so I don't step on any toes."

If Vorno doesn't take his hand in a timely manner, he doesn't leave it hanging there and instead folds his hands behind him in an 'at-ease' position.
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