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Hades - a world where some people come back from the dead with superpowers. There are no truly alive supers in this world, they all have a strong connection with death and the underworld.
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This leads to ghoulish scenes as totalitarian states raises thousands of adolescents into fanatical warriors, then mass murders them in order to get those who rise again with super powers.
The web serial The Zombie Knight Saga involves a variant of this - there's a rare genetic trait that results in people coming back as incorporeal (and invisible) Reapers, who largely serve to ferry the souls of the dead. Each Reaper can also maintain one (at a time) Servant - a person who's soul the Reaper bound to him/herself, allowing the Reaper to grant them regeneration (or remake them from scratch if their brain is destroyed), dull their pain, halt the aging process, etc. Servants also develop powers of their own over time - notably, they can learn to infuse their attacks (or objects) with their soul, both strengthening and allowing them to affect Reapers, their soul itself becomes more powerful as time passes, and they each gain an additional semi-unique power. The main character can materialize iron, for example - at first just flakes of iron dust, but he markedly improves over the course of the story.

And, of course, there's a twisted organization of Reapers and Servants, called Abolish, that will often groom people (child soldiers, the mentally ill, etc) into perfect subjects before killing them and having an allied Reaper raise them back up as a Servant. Some of the non-villains function somewhat-similarly - for example, many of the Rainlords endeavor to find a trustworthy Reaper and kill their own children at the age of 14 (traditionally by drowning, although the Elroys instead use a helium tank for a more peaceful passing), having the Reaper bring them back as a Servant.
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