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Default Re: Building Immunity: Fire

Originally Posted by malloyd View Post
If you were to allow it at all it's a limited defense, and by no stretch of the imagination will flames qualify for -80%.
True. But Insubstantial isn't only a defense. Flames Only might qualify for -40% for a purely defensive ability like DR. But Insubstantial has non-defensive uses for walking through walls, escaping bonds, and so on. Putting "Flames Only" on it also costs you most of the utility or offensive uses of the Advantage. You're not usually going to be manacled to a wall with flames or find houses and castles with walls constructed of fire. You lose more than just the defense versus non-fire; hence a bigger discount doesn't seem unreasonable.

What's the discount for Insubstantial (Defense Only)? Combine that with Flames Only and you get Immunity to Fire.
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