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Default Re: Building Immunity: Fire

Originally Posted by Anders View Post
Could you build an immunity to fire as Insubstantial (Flames only, -80%)?
If you were to allow it at all it's a limited defense, and by no stretch of the imagination will flames qualify for -80%. Water, which is certainly not more common as an attack than flames, only gives you a -40%.

Also, if you have Insubstantial (only some things) there are by definition substantial things you can interact with, so you must take the +100% Affects Substantial enhancement, which will drive up the cost a good deal.

I personally am always very skeptical of limited Insubstantiality, but Insubstantial (Flames only -40%, Affects Substantial +100%, Can Carry Objects +100%) [208] isn't really an abusive cost for immune to fire while still being able to interact with matter more or less normally. You don't need a ridiculous lot of DR to be immune to fire really. Real fires rarely inflict more than 20 or 30 hp per turn. Assuming energy weapons scale about the same way they did for when we had rules for their power consumption, bathing in plasma so hot it destroys fires (i.e. so hot combustion products can't form) is only around 150 hp/turn.
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