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Racial Templates

In Star Trek, most species are only barely different from humans until the plot demands it. Vulcans have super strength, but Kirk can almost beat one in a fist fight until it matters. To model this, I've given each racial template a list of added advantages or stat increases that make sense for the species. That way, players can add more racial abilities when they have the points.

25 points
Attributes: IQ+1 [20], Per-1 [-5], Will-1 [-5]
Advantages: Telesend (touch-based -20%, melee attack reach 1 -25%, takes extra time 1 -10%) [11], Unfazeable [15]
Disadvantages: No Sense of Humor [-10], Quirk: Common Expression (“That is illogical”) [-1].
Allowed Traits: high IQ, high ST, Common Sense, Indomitable, Mind Probe or Mind Reading (with same limitations as Telesend), Mind Shield.

0 points
Advantages: None
Disadvantages: None
Allowed Traits: Blessed, Clerical Investment, Destiny, True Faith, and various religious advantages for dedicated priests. Combat skills and access to skills that generally require military rank (from time in the resistance).

25 points
Advantages: Empathy (sensitive) [5], Telesend (Racial -20%, Telepathic -10%) [21]
Disadvantages: Quirk (Sicknesses radically affect emotional state) [-1]
Allowed Traits: improved empathy, Telepathy Talent, Telepathic advantages (including buying off racial on telesend) as approved by GM.

25 points
Attributes: ST +1 [10], HT +1 [10], Per +1 [5].
Allowed Traits: high ST, Combat Reflexes, Danger Sense, Daredevil, Fearlessness, Hard to Kill, Hard to Subdue, High Pain Threshold, Night Vision, and Outdoorsman Talent. Code of Honor (Klingon) [-10] is common.

25 points
Attributes: IQ+1 [20]
Advantages:Unusual Background [5] (to represent ease of disguising as romulan)
Allowed Traits: high IQ, high ST, Common Sense, Mind Shield.

Joined Trill
25 points
Advantages: Racial Memory (Passive) [15], Reawakened [10]
Allowed Traits: Racial Memory (active), and Wild Talent (with any modifiers).

25 points
Advantages: Business Acumen Talent 1 [10], Discriminatory Hearing [15]
Allowed Traits: Acute Hearing, Business Acumen, Lightning Calculator, and Perk (can memorize numbers instantly) or Photographic Memory (numbers only -80%).

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