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Default Re: Cancelling a disaster that affects every character

Hmm, looking at the cards again, I just realised something we missed in the earlier thread. The Militia ability states it can cancel a Disaster that has just been played, but in the case of History Repeats Itself, the Disaster is never played, so the Militia ability shouldn't be able to be used.

Given that this type of restriction is usually taken very literally (with rulings on cards like Sandals of Protection in Munchkin), this should be the case, but it also contradicts Andrew's earlier ruling, so we will need to wait for his comment to see if the argument is valid. It could be a case of the wording not matching the intent.

In any case, I would agree that the ruling shows that this particular case of comprehensive Disasters allows you to avoid the Curse just for yourself (due to the statement that the person who opened the Seal can't cancel it).
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