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Default Re: GURPS Character Assistant 4 Did Something Weird

On higher-end computers GCA works well enough for it not to be a problem, but when I ran it on my netbook or under Wine on a less-than high-end computer it becomes a problem.

I'll note it is especially a problem under Wine because there seems to be an additional performance hit beyond the usual hit for being Wine. But also since Wine doesn't run it perfectly the weird bugs that crop up from it doing two things at a time eventually lead to instability and crashes it.

For delays under normal operation I'd probably just find a way to refuse/reject any new inputs until it's done working. For loads and saves some kind of "wait" dialog would make sense probably with some kind of information about what's being done.

Possibly locking the application with a generic progress bar maybe 1" long (or however many pixels) at the bottom-left corner with a percent notation inside it and a text block next to it displaying what exactly is being done at that moment.
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