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Default Re: How "Serious" are Disadvantages?

Many Mental Disadvantages do not affect you constantly - you may attempt to control your urges. (p.B120)
You never have to try a self-control roll - you can always give in willingly and it is good roleplaying to do so. However, there will be times when you really need to resist your urges, and that is what the roll is for. Be aware that if you attempt self-control rolls too often, the GM may penalize you for bad roleplaying by awarding you fewer earned points. (p.B121)
It is good that your Self-Control number doesn't automatically correlate to a specific outlook about your Disadvantage. It only describes your target number should you choose to resist... and some people struggle with a vice but rarely succeed in resisting, while others can easily resist even though they normally see no issues with indulging (and thus don't). What is not good is that, after all these years, I'm still not sure how to properly model someone trying to overcome a Mental Disadvantage.

Should the character who embraces their Gluttony (12) get the same points back as a character who is trying to overcome it? What about the character in between; not wallowing in their gluttony but not seeing anything [i]too[/i wrong with it, either? How about roleplay penalties and bonuses: is it as simple as "I promise I'll eventually buy that off, or at least, buy it down?" and now my character goes from being docked points to maybe earning an extra one for constantly rolling against my SC to avoid partaking?
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