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Default Comments on Rulebook from KS Update 84

Several posters on the KS have noted that the January Draft rules pdf was formatted as individual pages and the new rules pdf is formatted as 2 page spreads making it harder to read on mobile platforms.

Other individuals (including me) have expressed a desire to have all of the rules in one book. I noted that historically CAR WARS started out as a loose collection of rules, rules updates, and errata. Then somewhere down the line they released the Compendium. So unfortunately this edition is on track for the same experience.

One user noted that they had trouble finding the rules for passing initiative. They seemed to feel that the rulebook was a bit cluttered with graphics, and found that they rule is only mentioned twice, once in the rules on page 12 and once on the chart on the back page.

I agree that it is difficult to find the rule, but not because graphics are obscuring it. It's just one of those small rules that is easy to overlook. I do think that on the Sequence of Play chart on the back they could have pushed the word PASS down to cause this rule to occupy it's own line.

I also think they went a little overboard on graphics in the rulebook. The rule illustrations are very helpful and the boxed action shot graphics are fine, but the large unboxed cars are distracting. Especially the one on Page 18 that also overlaps one of the rule illustrations. (It overlapped the same graphic in the January Draft.)

Other than it being tradition in board games, I'm not sure why they put the components list in the rule book. It's not really a rule, just a checklist to make sure everything is in the box. And they printed it on the back (bottom?) of the box. Since there are 2 differrent retail versions of the game, there are now 2 differrent components lists in the rulebook. Personally, I sometimes tape a checklist in the lid of the box since that's the last thing you see before you close it.

I'd be interested in reading what others think of the new rule book. Also, has anyone come up with a good way to replicate the Bootlegger Reverse in 6th?
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