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Default Re: Gurps SOE Weapons?

With suppressed weapons, "quiet" is a relative thing. People don't appreciate how LOUD real firearms are. They are really, really loud. Crank up the volume to 10 while watching Mann's HEAT and you still won't experience it properly. Practically all of them are above the sound level that is painful, let alone damaging to the human ear.
Doing away with that BANG or BOOM is a substantial achievement, but you really can't remove the mechanical noises that come from operating the action, let alone the travel and impact of the bullet. The De Lisle was a bit quieter than the STEN Mk IIS, but not significantly so. This is from Paulson SILENCER (2002), who researched this extensively.
McCollum of FORGOTTEN WEAPONS has several videos showing this; while they aren't directly comparable due to set-up and recording equipment, they still show some of the issues (note that the WWII samples are reproductions):


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