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Default Re: Gurps SOE Weapons?

Originally Posted by borithan View Post
I knew the silenced version was well respected by some of the German "special service" guys, and due to its simplicity they copied the standard version right at the end of the war (though with a vertical magazine, rather than the side mounted magazine). Never heard about them copying the inspection stamp though.

Just looked it up, apparently they made direct copies for "clandestine operations" (and they were separate from their last ditch copy), and so wanted them to pass for British weapons. Why they bothered when they had already captured loads of the things I don't know.

I had always thought that was meant to be the Welrod?
I'd not heard of a copy of the supressed Sten, but stranger things have happened - like the Potsdam gerat. I'm not Skorzeny, but I would suspect that any "clandestine operation" that involves the enemy inspecting your equipment down to the armourer's stamps is a bad plan.

As to the Welrod having the reputation of the quietest firearm ever made - I'd not heard that, but again, it may be so. Personally I suspect some of the modern captive bolt cartridges must be quieter, but who knows.
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