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Default Re: Battletech/Mechwarrior mechs in GURPS

Originally Posted by Kfireblade View Post
I'm going to be trying to run a campaign set in the battletech universe and I'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas for building the Mechs in GURPS?
After many, many considerations of the question I think the best ides to convert the mechs and still have them look like the original mechs is to build them as characters and use the Weapon Mount feature to hang the cannon class weapons from UT on them.

The advantages of this method would be the potentially great diversity of sizes, armor totals, movement rates and other stats. Other possibilities such as using Spaceships would have much less diversity and fidelity.

Possibly even simpler is to simply convert BT stats to Gurps stats while leaving any design system out of things.

The main conversion issue is that AP warheads (and particularly HEAT types) do not do in Battletech what they do in Gurps which is penetrate massive quantities of armor. When using the chargen system this can be represent by many layers of the Hardened Advantage (possibly as many as 4) with the Ablative or Semi-Ablative Limitations.
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