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Default It's Hot/Cold/Wet Outside...

Hello all!

So D&D had source books for adventuring in hot desert areas (Sandstorm, AKA "It's Hot Outside"), arctic desert areas (Frostburn, AKA "It's Cold Outside"), and on the Seven Seas (Stormwrack, AKA "It's Wet Outside").

So, what good GURPS source books do I need if I want to create adventures in these kind of adventures, which would include survival, exploration, fighting mobile enemies using guerilla tactics outside the cities, that kind of things, preferably at TL 4 with magic.

Thanks in advance! I'd be interested in running a campaign centered around a town in an arctic climate fighting various kind of enemies including bandits, criminals in it, monsters, and that kind of stuff so it could be useful to know what book I could get. And for those interested in other areas, well, this could be useful.

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