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Default Re: Max pluses with talents

Originally Posted by Kelly Pedersen View Post
Frankly, I don't think it's that much of a balance issue. In the specific case you mention, perhaps it's a bit abusive to take all those Talents, but if a Talent doesn't overlap by more than two skills or so, I'd be inclined to allow them both.
Oh, yeah. I would have no problem with that. The examples I gave are essentially the same list of skills, with just a couple changes. If a player tried to take two of those for the purpose of bypassing the limit, I'd have a something to say.

But if someone wanted to be an expert circus performer and courtesan, I wouldn't have any problem with the combination of Clown and Allure, despite the fact both apply to Makeup. Or if someone took one level of a talent and one level of a different talent which is just the first plus a bit, since they clearly aren't trying to break the 4-level limit (they're good with a bunch of related skills, but really good with a smaller subset of that).

And that isn't necessarily a balance issue. Due to personal history, I just have a problem with players deciding that the goal of the game is to try to find the biggest loophole.
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