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Default Re: Converting "Problematic" Spells to Powers

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
Based on altered time rate, having 1s of time stop per second of regular time is plausibly 100p -- e.g. something like:
Altered Time Rate (Time Stop, +0%)
Functions as ordinary altered time rate, but during your extra turns you are outside of time. The drawback is that you can't interact with anything; the advantage is that no-one can interfere with you either.
While interesting, I don't think this effect is anything like the way these spells are meant to work, nor like similar abilities work in fiction. '1 second per second, once every second' is very different from 'for a significant amount of time, but not so often', and no, Maximum Duration doesn't solve that on its own.

Another consideration is just what is considered interaction? Say, I go behind someone and shoot a bullet out of my gun. Sure, the bullet just hangs in the air upon leaving my barrel, but the interaction will happen after the timestop ceases.
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