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Default Re: Converting "Problematic" Spells to Powers

Originally Posted by Nereidalbel View Post
Unconscious Only requires Uncontrollable, and makes your power activate only with a specific trigger. Combined with Reflexive, it becomes a net +10% enhancement that says "this will avoid this specific trigger, whether you want to take the hit or not, and do nothing else for you."
I assume you're talking about "Uncontrollable Trigger", not regular Uncontrollable, and even then "Uncontrollable Trigger: Being Shot At" still means it behaves in the normal way for an Uncontrollable power, which is to say it acts as if controlled by an entity of "prankish or hostile nature". It also doesn't include any expanded sensory abilities (so it won't work against attacks you aren't aware of), and it's subject to the normal limitation of Reflexive (which does not automatically trigger fast enough to avoid an attack -- it requires a successful Power Dodge).

What you want is Insubstantial, Can Carry XH +100%, Affects Substantial +100%, Missile Attacks Only -50% [200]. This means you take a Ready action to turn it on, and then you are insubstantial to missiles. If you added Reflexive, the first time someone shot at you you'd make a Power Dodge, and then you'd be insubstantial (no additional dodge rolls required) until you turned the advantage off.
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