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Default Re: Cinematic Rocket Delta-V Rules

Originally Posted by tshiggins View Post
That seems like a lot of work, yeah.

I looked at the 3D rotatable chview maps put together by some C.J. Cherryh fans, a long time ago, and that works pretty well.

Winchell Chung lists several others:

Were I to ever get a group together that wanted me to set up an interstellar game (which I probably won't, since one of my players is doing that for the next campaign we play...), I'd probably pick one of those.

I do like the notion of a "subway map," though, as an easy reference that doesn't require much in the way of sophisticated software.
Yes, Astrosynthesis will make any 3D map you want, and you can even generate jump routes of arbitrary length. But having to boot your computer every time the party wants to travel is onerous, thus my desire for a 2D subway map.
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