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Gnomco Inflatable Raft

Presenting the Gnomco Inflatable Raft! Underground bodies of water are hazardous and swimming in armor is difficult, boats are too large to carry around in the dungeon, until now! Made from premium giant frog skin [1] they are guaranteed not to leak! [2] These inflatable rafts come in three sizes: 2-person, 3-person and 6-person. Travel quickly [3] and safely [4] across any intervening body of water! [5]

[1] Gnomco makes no guarantees as to the quality of giant frog skin.
[2] Guarantee void upon initial inflation.
[3] Gnomco Inflatable Rafts do not include any method of propulsion.
[4] The odor, flavor and shape of Gnomco Inflatable Rafts has been known to attract aquatic monsters, Gnomco strongly recommends avoiding any body of water that may be inhabited.
[5] Gnomco Inflatable Rafts are not rated as seaworthy vessels and should not be used in any body of water with waves taller than a Gnome's foot.

Edited with rules!

2 person raft weighs 10, 3 person 15, and 6 person 30 lbs. Inflating a raft takes 1d minutes per capacity. Every minute a character spends inflating a raft requires a HT roll, failure means the loss of 1 FP. Once a raft is fully inflated and placed in the water roll 3d, on a 6 or less it has sprung a leak. If the raft is leaking it will lose buoyancy in 3d seconds. In any inhabited body of water the raft attracts predators on a roll of 9 or less on 3d. Rafts have DR 1 and HP 5. Any damage exceeding DR causes a leak as above, if a raft reaches 0 HP it immediately sinks. Makeshift oars (spades, staffs, etc.) propel the raft at a rate of 2yds per turn, using hands to paddle moves the raft at 1yd per turn. True oars/paddles propels the raft at a rate of 3yds per turn. You can also us the Shape Air spell to propel the raft at 1yd per energy per turn.

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