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Default Re: Favorite Gnomco Products

Gnome Co #2 Brique
Don't mistake this for one of those substandard bricks made by other companies! The Gnome Co #2 Brick is fire hardened by master brique makers and favored by masters of the ancient art of Briqujuitsu. These fine red blocks have six holes for maximum finger placement, not two, four, or eight like some other inferior brands we could mention. A Gnome Co #2 Brique is suitable for all your building projects but it's also a lethal weapon. Combined with two Gnome Co Soques it can be broken and made into two whiling cyclones of death! One for you and one for a friend or dual weild like a true master! Briques are also a great way to bridge communications gap with your enemies! All you need is a Gnome Co felt tipped pen, a Gnome Co note pad, and a window and you can guarantee your message will let them know how you really feel about them. Even if you're illiterate!
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