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Default Re: Last Two Spots on the Expedition

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
A brief survey of pioneering scientific photographers has shown up people with backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering, medicine, oceanography, geophysics, physics, ballistics, and of course optics.
Engineers, doctors, oceanography and geophysics they have.

Do offshore oil companies and/or scientific consultancy companies they use employ imaging experts useful for getting photographic evidence?

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
But back in the day we recognised the value of expert technicians who had learned their trades without the preliminary misery of "four years in the uncomfortable confines of a raccoon-skin coat". As recently as 1995 my brother, a researcher in medical imaging, had expert lab technicians, who had been hired out of high school and trained in the labs.

Primarily, I imagine people being recruited by trusted friends and colleagues, so anyone that an academic or research scientist might get to know well is a potential recruit. Older scientists whom Kessler consults with on some arcane and occult experiment might naturally enough be expected to suggest trustworthy colleagues in related fields that might add important expertise and/or recruit bright and promising graduate students as assistants.

If US universities similarly had expert lab assistants without college degrees in the ancient era of 1995, it is entirely within the realm of possibility that the most suitable photography expert known to Kessler, Shackleford, Wehmeyer and the other people organizing the expedition might be someone who works with scientists without having a degree.
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