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Default Re: Last Two Spots on the Expedition

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
My thought early on in this inquiry was that rocks, herps, birds, and cultures represented a series of things that are mobile over diminishing time-scales, so that an anthropologist/prehistorian recognising unfamiliar but related humans/human traces, an ornithologist recognising familiar or unfamiliar-but-related birds, an herpetologist recognising familiar or unfamiliar-but-related crawling things, and a geologist recognising familiar or unfamiliar structures would be able to branch points in different ranges of depth in time. That's also why I thought that sediment cores would be really interesting to the investigation.

But this is actually a search for cultists and cryptids.
Not to forget investigating Places of Power.

But also trying to obtain conclusive evidence of the supernatural as not only real, but also a dire threat to human society.

Originally Posted by Agemegos View Post
I think a marine-biological investigation would need more equipment and time than you have in mind. Boats, nets, lines, bathyscaphes etc. require heavier logistics and more time to use than is suggested for a mission that is going to race in in seaplanes to beat a hurricane.
Fair enough.

Note that most of the expedition was actually aboard a yacht or boat of some kind, equipped with the majority of their equipment and as a seaplane tender to the Wilson Global Explorer.

I was imagining something shorter than 100', as small as it can be really, for something carrying about twenty people and expedition gear for several days (as well as at least 400 gallons of avgas).

Something like a modified Cape-class Cutter, which were available at the time as surplus.
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