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Default Caribbean Cities That Are Good Sources of Fighters?

By the time the PCs get involved in the adventure, NPC analysts and investigators will have accumulated some data, including theories about the cities where an unknown entity or organization might be recruiting boxers, MMA fighters and others with combat skills and impressive physiques (and who seem to be disappearing).

I'd like to be able to mention at least 5-6 urban areas where multiple fighters (not necessarily all from the same sport) have gone missing.

Can forumites suggest urban areas in the Caribbean or close to it that might be good sources for people with good hand-to-hand combat capability, who might not be missed by anyone capable of making enough fuss to cause problems?

Cities with active MMA scenes or at least a steady supply of prospects?

Or cities where a lot of boxers come from?

Cities with sub-cultures with a strong tradition of effective Combat skills (not Art or Sport), whether that is just Brawling, any kind of unarmed martial art or even the use of knives, batons, machetes or other melee weapons?
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