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Default Re: [MH] Underground Fights in a Tourist Resort in the Caribbean?

Originally Posted by AlexanderHowl View Post
I have met Caribs, so they are not all gone, and their beliefs influenced the beliefs of the maroon communities how they traded and intermarried with. A lot of the folk beliefs of the Caribbean have Native American elements that are different than European or African folk beliefs (though similar to North American and South American folk beliefs because they formed from similar roots).
Yeah, the PCs' Patron has a home on Domincia and there is a significant community of island Caribs living nearby.

Unfortunately, I know very little about Arawak, Carib, Taino or Kalinga mythologies or even which better known mythologies on the mainland they might resemble. Nor do I have much idea about maroon beliefs in the Caribbean, other than they later evolved into Afro-Caribbean religions.
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