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Default Re: GCA4 FAQ - GURPS Character Assistant 4 Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When I add a Racial Template or Meta-Trait to a character the component traits are not listed. Is there a way to display the component traits of Racial Templates or Meta-Traits?

The components of templates are not displayed because that is the way templates are displayed on sample characters in the books (see, for example, Iotha on p. B317 or Lord Claudius Maskill in GURPS Banestorm p. 95).

There are different methods of showing a templates components depending on where you want them to be displayed. In the Templates tab you may right click on a template and select Show -> Show Components to display the components within that tab. In the other trait tabs (Disadvantages, Skills, etc.) you may right click in the right pane and select Show -> Show Hidden Items to show the hidden components of templates within that section.

On the printout you will need to modify the Character Sheet options for the sheet you're using by going to Tools -> Character Sheet Options from the top menu, then selecting the sheet you're using from the drop-down menu - the default sheet is charactersheet.gcs. The option to list component traits for charactersheet.gcs is under the header Template/Meta-Trait Item Options. Similar options are available for some of the other character sheets.

If you load the data file Variant - Unhide Templates.gdf as part of your data set the components of templates will not be hidden when adding templates - they will show up under the regular sections in the trait listings within GCA and on printout. This is the only way to display the components within the Quick View tab in GCA.

Which option you wish to use is largely a matter of taste in how you want the components displayed within the program and on printout. Try out the different options to decide which you prefer.

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