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Default Re: Formulas for speeding up repetitive rolls

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That is really far too complicated, especially since we only need to multiply probability by number of attempts.
My suggestion simply gives a way to allow a dice roll (or three) to shift the probability some, to make things more interesting. The complication only comes in if you need to know margins (or how many critical successes/failures would have happened), and in cases where that matters you'd need to do it even if using the unmodified probability.

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Anyway, no TL8 hospital will keep anyone in a bed after they get above -(HP), as hospital beds are too valuable (and far too expensive in the USA). You would need to be able to pay out of pocket for daily care from a personal physician, or have such an individual as a good friend/relative (a really good use of Ally), to benefit from physician care past -(HP).
Honestly, I suspect the way this would work would basically be that once the character has recovered enough they are no longer at risk of death without further wounds and are conscious, they'd probably be kept only a few days to ensure no problems are going to crop up (or previous ones recur) before being sent home. People who spend a long time in the hospital aren't the ones recovering, they're the ones who need monitoring to not die. Of course, if the GM wants to have a setting where characters can chill at the hospital for a month to benefit from the ~doubled recovery rate, I see no problem with them doing so, even to the point of letting them stay until fully recovered (or possibly even longer). In settings where this isn't an option, PC's may nonetheless have access to a similar facility (typically in the form of a dedicated medbay in their base/starship/whatever).
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