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Default Re: Detect (Spirits) for Lacoste

Originally Posted by Icelander View Post
However, combining the Spirits + Minds categories into one Very Common category makes it hard to affect only part of the power with Limitations or Enhancements.
Eh, not really. Let's call the reduced analytical ability as being worth -10%*. What you're looking at, then, is Detect (Spirits; Long Ranged +50%) [30] + Detect (Minds and Spirits; Reduced Analysis -10%) [9], for a total of [39]. Again, Detect (Minds and Spirits) functionally has a cost of [10] because you've already paid [20] for Detect (Spirits), and Detect (Minds and Spirits) costs [30]. The resulting combined trait would be one where, if the target is a spirit, it uses long-range modifiers and has normal analysis, but if it's a mind, it uses normal range modifiers and has some sort of reduced analytical ability. As they are functionally just levels of the same ability, no Link is necessary for them to work together.

You could run into a problem if you give different Enhancement and Limitations to each (rather than Enhancements to one and Limitations to the other); in that case, I'd suggest building it as Detect (Spirits) + Detect (Minds and Spirits), and then building it as Detect (Minds) + Detect (Minds and Spirits), and using whichever is more expensive.

*Alternatively, have Minds use normal analysis, but spirits are much easier to analyze, having the Analyzing Enhancement (which makes basic analysis automatic, and allows for a roll for more in-depth analysis). That would make the above Detect (Spirits; Analyzing +100%; Long-Ranged +50%) [50] + Detect (Minds and Spirits) [10], for a total of [60]. That may be a bit out of budget, however...
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