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Default Re: [4e] Autoduelling (also, my return to GURPS)

Originally Posted by mlangsdorf View Post
I'd probably use a 5x or 7x scale for personal weapons (putting the assault rifle at a 5d or 7d weapon) and 12x for vehicle weapons - which puts the standard MG at 6dx2, same as a 0.50 BMG. That would also to some extent preserve the distinction between the hand weapons that can damage vehicles and the ones that can't. But 7x for everything is fine.
Hopefully I can find decent weapons in GURPS 4e resources. I haven't picked up High Tech yet. Once I have more to look at than what's in Basic, I'll be able to make a better comparison.

I think your ideas for HT are sound. I would suggest increasing HT by 1 for a heavy chassis and by 2 for an extra heavy chassis, and then reducing it by 1 if the vehicle's curb weight is more than 90% of the maximum and by 2 if it's more than 95% of maximum. The typical Car Wars Luxury that weighs exactly 6600 lbs would be HT 10, because all the components are stronger, they're pretty heavily stressed. You might want to do a similar thing with engine PF: you can run an engine to the limit of its performance, but if you do, it's not going to be as robust as an engine that is a lot larger than needed for the load.
I was already looking at chassis strength. Current to max load ratio is good as well; I hadn't thought of that.

+1 to HT if the vehicle's primary driver has Mechanic (Cars) at 14 or greater. :) (Or if it's generally well taken care of.)

HT rolls required for every X amount of wasteland or off-road driving. HT rolls required after combat, with penalties based on how much damage the vehicle took. HT rolls required after failing a control roll by greater than Stability. Bonuses to HT rolls if the vehicle is thoroughly checked out by a mechanic prior to an operation, or has an extensive pre-flight checklist.
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