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Originally Posted by milliken
The only place I could find in the rules that seemed to limit characters to a maximum of 10 was the sentence under "Level" on p.15 that states "Level ranges from 1 to 10."
What in the rules is unclear about levels? Not once does it discuss level 11 and the level counter only displays levels 1-10. Nowhere does it imply that levels above 10 are allowed.

Originally Posted by milliken
2) If you explore a new room and the inevitable monster appears, does that put you "in combat" at the instant the room is entered?
Yes. P. 6 is very clear at which step you are "in combat." You're in combat as soon as the room and links are placed, before the monster is drawn.

Originally Posted by milliken
3) If you use the d10 power of a class, and then discard the class and play a new one, can you use the d10 power of the new class right away?
Thief, Warrior, and Wizard all say very clearly: "You may make one attempt per combat," while the Cleric's card says: "You may make one attempt on each munchkin's turn." If you play a new class card, and have not used that ability yet, then you may do so. The limitation is quite clearly on each individual d10 power and not on d10 powers as a whole.

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