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Default Munchkin Quest(ions)

Munchkin Quest was duly delivered to our door yesterday, and was greeted with gleeful cries from our eight-year-old resident munchkin, so of course we had to play it today -- pretty much *all* day. (Yes, this was only one game -- we did have to learn the rules, as well as eat a couple times in there....)

Needless to say, we managed to find assorted rules omissions, ambiguities, and the usual sheer, outright, munchkinly interpretations of the rules, and I figured to inflict them on people here in the hopes they might feed the FAQ-monster with them at some point:

1) Is there anything that keeps a character from leveling past 10? (My character was at 9, when he got a combat to which one of my unwontedly fiendish opponents added a Wandering Monster -- presto, +2 levels. Or is it?) The only place I could find in the rules that seemed to limit characters to a maximum of 10 was the sentence under "Level" on p.15 that states "Level ranges from 1 to 10." If levels above 10 are possible, then it opens up various other munchkinly questions like: "Can you go up a level *above* 10 using a Go Up a Level card? Or by spending 1000 gold or Item equivalents?" Pretty much everywhere else it simply states that you can't get *to* level 10 without killing something, but doesn't say anything about what happens if you'd gain a level *past* 10.

2) If you explore a new room and the inevitable monster appears, does that put you "in combat" at the instant the room is entered? when the monster is drawn? If neither, when? (This one become an issue because a drawn monster had the Scroll of Evil Energy added to it right after it was drawn, and then was baited out of the room by another player using a Sex Appeal card on herself. My interpretation was that the combat started when the monster was drawn, and thus the combat was ended for the purposes of the Scroll of Evil Energy when it moved out due to the Sex Appeal card, but the scroll can also have a more persistent effect if played out of combat, so the precise timing of "in combat" became an issue for debate.)

3) If you use the d10 power of a class, and then discard the class and play a new one, can you use the d10 power of the new class right away? (In the middle of a combat, I had a Wizard out, switched to a Cleric to rid myself of an annoying Curse just played on me, then played down another Wizard to replace the Cleric, and then used the Wizard's d10 power for the combat I was in the middle of.) This seems to fall into the "suitably munchkin-y" category of rules interpretation....


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