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Default Re: Gargoyle hunting

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
Eight memory points minus two for Common and Literacy leaves six spells. (And possibly Brawling at 2d+1 damage.)

The real scenario has Gargoyles hunting for human kids to hand over to the chemists for $300 a head. (Don't really need the rest of the kid, unless it's an orc kid.)
I wasn't considering a gargoyle as a wizard, but I suppose it works. Low starting IQ, but he's otherwise limited to low level talents which are not great.

May make a good crossbowman. He can escape anyone who engages him and if necessary fire from the air (at -4DX, so that's a desperation move with his starting stats). If he chooses not to disengage, he drops the crossbow and uses his 2d fists (no need to ready a weapon at all).
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