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Default Re: GCA5 Beta Preview available now

Originally Posted by Armin View Post
I'm glad you got it working. Thank you for letting me know what the problem was, so that we can try to address it.

I had never even heard of this feature until now. Seems kinda iffy on Microsoft's part that they don't *tell you* that some program you have not whitelisted is trying to access the folders you protected.

I haven't found a way to do that, yet. I'll definitely look at adding some traps to the early file and folder creation steps that GCA takes, though, as that way it can then warn the user that it lacks permission to write to Documents. Don't know why I don't have that there already, actually.
I do not claim expertise with Windows Defender, but what I found at one point was that three was an "Unlock" checkbox in the Properties of the file for the application. I checked that and it started working. This was for the GCA4 update; I don't know if this is relevant to GCA 5 Beta. Easy fix once I found it, anyway.
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