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My recent campaign idea, which I haven’t really put together yet, is set in a private school where some of the students are fantastic creatures from myth and folklore. They have to maintain a masquerade as humans, at a time when their hormones and anxieties are pushing them towards their inhuman natures. The focus would be on the social and academic challenges of high school, complicated by intrusions from the hidden world of magic and monsters. The tone I’d like to set is teen age melodrama combined with surreal weirdness: “Big Mouth” meets “Doom Patrol”. I’m not sure I have the players who would get into the melodrama part though, my usual group is more into action-oriented games.
I ran a campaign once that included a high school for young superhumans. One of the students for it was a young Norse goddess, Blikke, the goddess of eclipses. So in one scenario I had Loki's three kids show up—Fenris, Jormungandr, and Hela (I didn't think of including Sleipnir, but then Sleipnir was probably older and too busy). They could make interestingly weird characters. Kind of like some of the characters in the current video series Ragnarok, maybe.
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