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Default Re: Campaign idea: the Shattered Lands

Originally Posted by Michael Thayne View Post
Took your suggestion and bought the adventure, mostly because it seemed like a shame not to own such a classic adventure, but looking at the technology section in the back I'm not sure how well it translates to GURPS. The blaster rifle has effects comparable to what can be done with high-level wizard spells (while only getting three shots per "power disc"), but DFRPG spells tend not to be quite as powerful as high-level D&D spells. Meanwhile the powered armor is IMHO kind of disappointing—only a bit better than the best non-magical armor normally available to PCs, and nowhere near as good as high-end magical armor. I guess I could use that sort of spiritually—modeling sci-fi materials as being equivalent to giant spider silk, dragonhide, or orichalcum, while making sure other gear isn't too much more effective than what can be done with spells? But it's not a complete solution.
Yeah, inserting just about anything from Ultra-tech into your DF game as-is has disaster written all over it, unless your game is over the top with magic items.
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