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Okay so I got the 2e to 3e update booklet and everyone was right, there isn't much that changed.

There are no changes to basic attributes and appearance and only some minor changes to wealth on the first page.

Next 11 pages of updates to advantages, disadvantages and skills, mostly point differences or clarifications.

After that 1 page on new encumbrance rules and character development rules.

There are more rules changes to things like success rolls, injuries and combat after that. A lot actually.

The main reason the book is 80 pages is because they completely added the chapters on vehicle/mounted combat, magic and psionics from 3e since those weren't present in the main set of 2e.

So in short, transferring characters between 2e and 3e is pretty simple, but be careful of any non-character based rules in 2e or prior as they are likely to be slightly off.

I got my 1e box set as well, so I want to go through all the versions and see how the game developed over time. from Man to Man all the way to 4e.

The 2e to 3e update is going to have to act as my guide for 2e though cause it seems very hard to find 2e at a good price online. I was probably lucky getting an 1e box set so cheap.

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