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Originally Posted by kate_unknown View Post

I prefer 4e, so if conversion from 1e/2e is as easy as 3e that would be amazing and it sounds like it from what everyone is saying!
There might e a little more conversion required than soem have hinted at but much of that is technical.

For example, Gurps Humanx is o old that it predates Space 1e. So it's starship rules aren't compatible with any other books and it's TL scale goes up to 9 and just stops even though it inclides itesm that latger books put at higher TL levels. However, ll you need to do si sue the 4e tL scale instead and set the Humanx unverse to early TL 11 with lots of TL 10 still in use.

Then if you really need ships you get Gurps Spaceships and design your ships with that. It's a very simple system.
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