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I've always used a different approach

"Cidri" is more than one world, only the inhabitants don't know that yet (maybe a few upper tier scholars or wizards known, but most regular folk do not).

Moving from one world to another through a gate is indistinguishable from teleporting across any distance so those that move around using gates, think they are on a very large world.
Anyone competent at navigating by the stars would clue in. I'm tempted to argue that it should be a magical Dyson sphere around a small artificial sun that repels matter to create the illusion of gravity.
Yes, unless the worlds they travel between are in the same (or very near) star system, and they don't track the planet positions.

However, this would only apply to people who gate or teleport between the worlds of Cidri. Even an Earth-sized world is more than enough for massive amounts of mapped terrain for one GM, with potentially nearly no one ever going to another world. And those who do go to another world of Cidri (e.g. by taking a gate to another campaign (possibly with a different GM) will tend to notice also other cosmological differences as well... just most never do, except when they change campaigns or a GM has multiple different campaign worlds linked by gates.)
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