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Default Re: Alternate XP progression schedule

Originally Posted by hcobb View Post
If each point of IQ doesn't add a SP then NPC construction needs to determine which talents and spells the NPC had at each point in time in order to determine the XPs spent, and hence the innate difficulty of the encounter. If you do get the bonus SPs then you can just calculate the cost from the final result.

This also applies to PCs with a specific goal in mind. With the bonus SPs all routes to the destination have the same cost and so the player can operate tactically. If the link doesn't exist then players need to plan out the entire route.
I'm not sure I entirely follow this either but what I think I do follow, follows what I was thinking! LOL

If I'm reading your "goal" correctly, that same goal was the inspiration for this rule. My original thought was to simply say that SP = 10 at character creation (or whatever the average of ST+DX+IQ comes out to be). After that, you get 1 SP every time you raise a stat. I added an extra point for IQ because I thought Tippets would like that. I'd actually prefer 1 SP per stat increase. Period. The stat increase isn't what's giving the 1 SP. It's the XP that went into the stat increase. Therefore, SP is given by the stat-total of the character.

SP = (current stat-total) - (starting stat-total) + (starting stat-total)/3

Whether you use that formula for PC advancement or not, it would seem like a good rule-of-thumb for building NPCs.

SP = (current stat-total)/2 would probably work just as well for a rule-of-thumb though.

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