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Default Re: "Inflicting" Serendipity

Originally Posted by JanMikal View Post
Any ideas how I can modify Serendipity to end at a certain point? Or make it somehow temporary? I couldn't find an answer in the Affliction rules, either. I have RAW, Magic, Powers and Supers.
Well, for starters, remember that Afflictions, unless you modify them with Increased Duration: Permanent, are already time-limited by default.

But if you're trying to build a Bless spell, effectively, you're really looking for something that will terminate once the "big" effect goes off, and not before. I think that what you need is actually two effects being Afflicted - one for the generic bonus, and the other the big "save your life" effect, that then ends the overall effect.

Since the duration on Bless is actually "indefinite until the effect saves your life" effectively, I would build this with Increased Duration: Permanent, the +150% version. This version always requires a terminating condition, which I would just say would be the save-your-life effect going off. This is a classic example of Luck. I would use base Luck (since it's only going to be used once, higher levels don't matter), with the Emergencies Only and Unconscious Only limitations (normally, Unconscious Only can only be taken with Uncontrollable, but I think in this case it's appropriate on its own, to represent the fact that it goes off even if you don't think you need it).

I'd probably use the same Unconscious Only limitation, without Uncontrollable, on the Serendipity advantage as well. You could call it "Under GM Control" if that makes you feel better about violating the guidelines under Unconscious Only. It effectively means that the GM will decide when someone with Serendipity gets the bonus, and the player can't request a lucky break at all.
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