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Default "Inflicting" Serendipity

So a character I want to make is a Fae, from the Unseelie Court. To be specific, a Cait Sith (Caught Shee).

The most specific thing I am struggling with is that the Cait Sith are known to 'Bless people who leave out saucers of milk for them on Samhain'. Let's leave out the milk and the holiday, and focus on the blessing.

Cait Sith tend to focus on 'success and health', so I am thinking Healing, for one, which could easily be a couple of Racial Healing spells, or something similar.

However, for 'success' - that seems like it could be an Affliction that 'inflicted' someone with Serendipity, perhaps with a Limitation of something like 'Financial or Career only'. But Serendipity is ALWAYS working, and I was thinking something more along the lines of the Bless spell - provides minor benefits until it gives you a pretty big success, then goes away. I don't want the character to be godlike powerful, in that her 'blessing' will follow people through their entire lives. Any ideas how I can modify Serendipity to end at a certain point? Or make it somehow temporary? I couldn't find an answer in the Affliction rules, either. I have RAW, Magic, Powers and Supers.

The reason I don't want to use the Bless spell, maybe as racially learned as well, is because it's too mechanical. I don't want it to be 'bonus to die rolls'. I'd like it to be general circumstances and good fortune, like Serendipity provides for.
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