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My ballpark for curing is as long as I wash it. So if it's in for a 5-minute wash, it goes for a 5-minute cure.

The octopi usually get 6 minutes, and sometimes I turn them around and give them another 2-3 minutes the other way, or put them in again after I remove the supports, because the tentacles and all the supports tend to leave shadows that don't get fully cured. (around the beak in particular)

If the tentacle unit broke where I think it did, right between two tentacles, that isn't a problem with your cure times -- it's going to be a brittle spot anyway. That's just an unavoidable weakness in that figure. You will, however, get a lot better at removing supports with practice, and that sort of thing will be less likely to happen.

What are you using, by the way? The nippers that came with your printer?
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