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Default Re: GURPS Spaceships Design Spreadsheet

Version 2.0 Release Candidate 10
Please Note: This RC is for Excel only. There have been a lot of changes made to the macros which will take some time to implement in OpenOffice. In the meantime I see no reason to delay the release of the Excel version update.

-Removed the capability to import ships from the v2 Beta and v1.x versions of the sheet. You should still be able to import ships from all v2.0 Release Candidates.
-Improved handling of 'Shorter Numbers' throughout, including their use in the Output sheet. This should improve usability of larger SM ships.
-Improved Output sheet formatting, especially the HTML tags which have been bugged for a while.
-Added a few more options from RPK's Traveller Spaceships rules (including the Features section at the top and Sandcasters for Missile Launchers)
-Under System Options renamed the 'Modular' column to 'Options 1'
-Added 'Underground' option to Options 1. This can be applied to any system in a ship with the 'Building' feature.
--Corrected oversight where Underground didn't increase ship cost.
-The 'Save Ship' button will now save the entire Workbook file once the ship has been saved into the Save Sheet
-Added Aux Craft worksheet that allows you to add some basic statistics for vehicles to a Save Sheet, which you can then later assign to Hangar Bays, Upper Stages, or Vehicle Docks
--Added the Life Pod, Drop Capsule, and Stealth Capsule from the Spaceships Designers Notes via the Aux Craft worksheet
-Recreated the Auxiliary Craft (Utility Truck, Air Car, & Grav-Sled) using the rules from Spaceships. All craft are SM+3.5, Lwt. 6 Tons (unload weight under 5 tons); added a Utility Helicopter to the vehicles as well. The end result of the redesigns is that cargo capacity went down slightly but cost went down significantly.
-Tweaked the way that the Building Orientation option works, and properly added a cost for Underground systems (previously there was no cost associated with underground systems). Now you must individually assign systems as being underground; Once you've selected the 'Building' option in the Switches & Features section the 'Underground' option will become available in the System Options section, under Options 1.
-Added Cargo Manifest section to the Design Table that allows you to designate the contents of the various Cargo Holds
-Added Semi-Ablative footnote for Ice & Stone Armors, Force Screens, and Armor with the following option
-Added Semi-Ablative option for Laminate Armors (including Nanocomposite, Diamondoid, and Organic). See Alternate Rules page of Spreadsheet for full details
-'Added Jet Engine - Electric Turbofan' to systems. This is based loosely on the stats from GURPS Vehicles Expansion 1.
-'Added Jet Engine - Super Fusion Air-Ram' to systems. This has performance characteristics more favorable compared to the Fission Air-Ram.
-Reorganized Habitat cabins (in the drop-down menu) to be a little more clearly laid out
--Habitat cabin menus now have headers similar to Ship Systems
--All Garages, Establishments, Laboratories, and Craft Shops have been given a section Header. Most have been renamed to simplify their name.
--Habitat modules that are too large to fit in the ship will now be removed from the drop-down selection menu (e.g. if the ship has 8 cabins available then Large Labs, Large Craft Shops, Sickbay Clinics, and other similar systems that take up 10 cabins will no longer show up in the drop-down menu).
-Fixed odd bug when calculating Effective SM
-Fixed bug where Super Missiles was not available as an option for Missile Launchers
-Added/Fixed +3 Acc to Cosmic Powered Electromagnetic Guns, Warp Missile Launchers, Grav Guns, or Super Missiles (p. SS1:68)
-Corrected sAcc of Warp Missile Launchers to be +17/+18 (was incorrectly TL-8/TL-7)
-Added missing Warp Missile range from Warp Missile Table (p. SS3:36)
-Tweaked damage table for most beam weapons. This mostly only affected the +0.5SM beam weapons, and only changed some of the damage values slightly, however a significant error was fixed in the Square Root of Destruction Dam2 entry for 600MJ and every x100 power increase thereafter (60 GJ, 6TJ, 600TJ, etc).

Excel 2000 (3.7MB) (1.8MB)

Excel 2007 (4.8MB) (4.7MB)

OpenOffice 3.2.0/3.3.0/LiberOffice 4 (3.4MB) (3.0MB)
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